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About Artist: "As an artist, I spend endless hours working on my lines to perfect my craft. I try to give the viewer a near perfect line to observe in a dark twisted place. My art is meant to disturb and disrupt the viewer's state of mind and feelings; putting them in an uncomfortable position and making them question all their previous beliefs and education they were forced to consume unconsciously. A form of subliminal shapes and characters. That will have you in front of the drawing for days, and when you felt you knew it all; you find something else. My artwork is all mostly black and white, which is due to the fact that black is the absence of color. I would say its similar to the duckling that was never accepted by the others, but went on to be the most respected. Black is a color everyone loves, but hates to admit. From all the black cars, to the furniture, the way they dress, to their wallets and American Express! Yet they fear it, they are scared of the almost negative vibe it would bring into their lives. To me, colors can often blind you from the truth; bright, vivid colors distract you from questioning reality and origin. In the case of McDonald's, the bright red and yellow entice you, yet their food is so bad. As for black, you see it for what it is, like older pictures, and how they appear to be almost richer with the absence of color. You can relate to it, you know something is missing and you want to understand more about the man in the photograph. You're looking for the story of why he looks so sad or happy, just the same in the case of my work. The pig mask is a representation of each person's scapegoat, someone to point the finger at. We all have our secrets and stories we might not be comfortable sharing or bringing up, so we bury them, yet we all carry them daily , displayed on our faces in the way of a fake smile, anger, happiness, etc. The pig has had a negative connotation throughout history, being portrayed as a filthy animal that can easily be controlled. The pig is a slaughterhouse of an animal, cheap in cost, yet people still consume it knowing full well its past. The term pig is also associated with law enforcement; a name given to them by the streets due to the corruption and how dirty some may be. I think the pig is a perfect example of portraying modern society, for we have gone from sheep and goats, who all hide behind a mask. The coinslot later follows the pig concept and creates a separate life form in my work, where it is a form of manipulation that allows one to see what lies within. As a child, my parents would give me coins to keep me busy when they needed to get work done. They would give me a few of quarters and I would go play the most bloody fighting games at the time; it seems like every laundry matt or supermarket had one of those for the youth to play. The bright colors and fair like music would keep me so entertained that I would never think to question why the quarters were given to me. Nor even make me realize why it had such a deep impact on me growing up, until one day you can't take it anymore and you burst. Similar to a piggy bank where you can only deposit a certain amount of coins before you see the piggy bank can't hold any more and it breaks, unveiling what is inside".

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