Jens Rusch

About Artist: Rusch made a craft vocational training and is since 1972 working as a freelance artist. From 1979 to 1982, he studied as a master student at the painter and graphic artist Eberhard Schlotter in Altea in Spain primarily etching techniques . Except in his studio in Brunsbuettel in northern Germany Rusch also works frequently in Spain. There he talked to 1998 a second studio in the Costa Blanca located, eastern Spanish province of Alicante in the mountain village Callosa de Ensarriá , where he is even now working temporarily. Early 2000s survived Rusch a cancer disease infection, which influenced his artistic development. So he organized, among others, since 2004 the " Tideland Olympics "as a fundraiser for the Schleswig-Holstein Cancer Society. Rusch illustrated among others Theodor Storm's Schimmelreiter , Goethe's Faust , Arno Schmidt's school of atheists and the Carmina Burana . His Schimmelreiter -Illustrations have been adopted by six textbook publishers; they appeared beyond in an English textbook issue and in a Korean license issue. At a public presentation of the Korean edition of the mold rider in Brunsbüttel tribute Gerd Eversberg from Husum Theodor Storm society the commitment of the artist: "Your realistic illustrations give readers from Korea an adequate idea of ​​landscape and life on the west coast; thus they complement described by Theodor Storm struggles of coastal communities against the eternal forces of nature. They have thus made an important contribution to culture and heritage in the Asian region. Read where people who are interested in the German culture, like short stories and poems by Theodor Storm.

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