About Artist: Scott Snyder (born 1964, Rockford, Illinois) received his M.F.A. from Bradley University in 1993. After graduate school, Snyder worked concurrently as a museum curator and as a visual artist. This consistent duality within his professional life comingled and influenced his output in each respective field. His art developed into an amalgam of professional and personal life experiences ingested, entangled and twisted into work that is at once autobiographical and universal in its commentary on contemporary culture, the art market, medical diagnosis and pharmaceutical marketing. In recent works such as the deep-fried plush toys, he presents a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the nature of the commercial art market (and consumption in general), its volatile desires and trends and the mystique of its (alternately) most celebrated/notorious personalities. Snyder’s objects embody the fascination and repulsion that exist side-by-side in contemporary art. Their ‘authentic’, innocent appearance permanently altered, Snyder’s prolific practice, as a whole, crosses the boundaries from the subverted critique of an object to its own obscene caricature. His early kinetic sculptures and the performance series, Chocolate Robot Head, as well as his mixed media pharmaceutical works are expressive of anxiety and vulnerability of the individual within various societal constructs, whether it be social, professional or pharmaceutical interactions. In his work, the individual is confronting his own anxieties created by the necessity of human interaction, and the vulnerabilities created by chronic illness, mood disorders, and the “joy of being diagnosed.” Besides showing at the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami, Snyder has most recently shown work and performed in venues such as Kreuzberg Pavillion in Berlin and Rush Gallery in New York. He is represented by the Robert Fontaine Gallery.

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