Vincent Abadie Hafez Zepha

About Artist: French artist born in 1978. Cosmopolitan, Vincent Abadie Hafez's work is the result of interbreeding, the confluence of several cultures. Since 1988 it is under the pseudonym Zepha he invests in the graffiti movement. It is in a suburb of Paris that he begins to impose his name and the one of his team, he will not stop since ... He appropriates public space and disrupts certain visual habits: a latent over urbanization is being criticized ... Just as a word written on the sand he wants his art first ephemeral and accessible to all. Vincent Abadie Hafez developed a visual language and a world in which cross the craftsmanship of ancient civilizations, the movement Figuration, Abstraction lyrical and street art. Aesthetics at the crossroads of two worlds, ancient and modern, showing a balance of instinctive trait and thoughtful composition and cosmic space in which collides with the infinitely small. The hybrid configurations reveal various aspects, mixing mediums and techniques ... Then borned crossbreeding totems anthropomorphic two-dimensional, worn by erosion and which traces appear, signs and symbols calligraphy; hairlines and full that then result found less than writing a construction. Graph composed of a breath wild forms inhabited a rebellious energy to human will which highlights an inherent order to balance the universe, and which is reflected even in a supposed chaos. Contrasts, oppositions and complementarity enrich production of works produced in multiple formats gross recovery, worn by time, memory carriers, the result of a questioning of this world seem to forget the principles of its existence ...

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