Black Dress - Christy

Alex Katz

Size: 30 X 79 INCHES

Year: 2015

Condition: Very good

Frame: Unframed

Art Movement:

pop art

Signature: Hand Signed

Edition: 35

Price: POA

Added on: 07-Jun-2017



Description: 28-color screenprint on Saunders Waterford, Hot Press, White, 425 gsm paper.
Signed and numbered on front.
Part of the Black D... SeeMore

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Alex -Katz

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About Artist: New York born and based artist Alex Katz (1927 - ) is a figurative artist whose majority of work revolves around portraits and landscape paintings. In the beginning of his career as an artist, Katz made small collages of people in landscape settings from delicately cutting hand coloured strips of paper. From there he moved on to create paintings which had a greater sense of realism. This was around 1950.

It was in this time too that the artist became interested in portraiture, in which he often liked to portray his friends, and Ada, his wife and muse. Through painting portraits, Katz became known for his monochrome backgrounds, such as in his works Sarah, and Kym, amongst others, which is considered today as a defining element of his style. It was at the end of this decade, in 1959, in which the artist began to make cutouts, which eventually would turn into a series of freestanding/flat sculptures that exist in real space, typically abandoning the frame.

Galerie Frank Fluegel

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Gallery Name:  Galerie Frank Fluegel
Web Address:
Email:   Click here
Contact No:  Click here
Address:  Click here
Country:  Germany
Number of Artists:  80
Artworks for Sale:  345

About Gallery:  Galerie Frank Fluegel is focused on Pop Art, Contemporary Art, and photography.

The gallery was founded in 1999. After moving w...

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