Snow Leopard - Sage

Carl Moore

Size: 50 X 80 CM

Year: -

Condition: Very good

Frame: Unframed

Art Movement:

european contemporary

Signature: Hand Signed

Edition: 50/50

Price: £ POA

Added on: 01-Mar-2017


Giclee print on enhanced paper

Description: By Carl Moore
50 x 80 cm | Photo Rag Paper | Giclee Print
Taken from the Dripster series.
Bold, colourful animals with their cl... SeeMore

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About Artist: I make work that sits on that fine, fine line between comedy and tragedy. Animals pretending to be other animals who use found objects with a splash or two of paint. Animals in the act of comedic suicide and robots that dream to have a normal life. Alongside is a another body of work titled Dripsters, bold and colourful animals with their clear markings reduced down to individual drips of paint, which appear barcode like in their simplicity.

My work has featured in several publications including Art of England and Artists and Illustrators, it has also being selected on a number of occasions for the promotion of the Affordable Art Fair and other organisations. Digital short films have been shown at a couple of film festivals in England and shown on cable television in Washington DC.

Deep West Gallery

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Gallery Name:  Deep West Gallery
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About Gallery:  Deep West Gallery is an online urban art , street art and pop art gallery based in the UK. We only sell genuine and original artwo...

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