" Human Shukiren "

Dizac Alexone

Size: 100 X 100 CM

Year: 2014

Condition: Very good

Frame: See description

Art Movement:



Signature: Hand Signed

Edition: Single original work

Price: POA

Added on: 09-Sep-2018


Description: Acrylic and mixed techniques on Bazin fabric.

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About Artist: French artist born in 1976.

Alëxone has an instantly recognisable style. Relationships of colors, materials, words, atypical characters.. The young thirty year old artist oscillates between urban poetry and quiet majesty. His surrealist characters are portrayed in a crazy and colourful world where a sweet craziness exists.

Penguins with halos, flame-spitting horses or cross-eyed dogs create his absurd and chaotic animal world. These animals are real graphic elements which change form and meaning from one art work to another.

If we look at Alëxone’s talent under a microscope, we see in it the graffiti, pop culture, comic book, byzantine or illustration art, inspiring his artworks. Far from the rebel honour Alëxone convenes the big everyday icones as well as the great paintings, all with a touch of humour and irony which we find again in his work titles. His humour helps the public understand a piece of art work and it is a way for Alëxone to tease the viewer and thus create a closer relationship. The underlying meaning allows Alëxone to maintain a lightness yet with a serious intention.

Alëxone’s detailed universe needs to be closely observed and analysed. However, there isn’t one interpretation, as everything is possible. Alëxone does more than working with superposition, transparence and volumes; he plays with the different mediums. He creates equally well on high class textiles or on photos.

David Bloch

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Gallery Name:  David Bloch
Web Address:   www.davidblochgallery.com
Email:   Click here
Contact No:  Click here
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Country:  MOROCCO
Number of Artists:  16
Artworks for Sale:  53

About Gallery:  Contemporary Fine Art
Opening hours :
Monday :
3:30 pm > 7:30 pm
Tuesday-Saturday :
10:30 am > 1:30 pm
3:30 pm >...

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