Structure 005

Frederic Malek LEK

Size: 124 X 160 CM

Year: 2015

Condition: Very good

Frame: See description

Art Movement:


Signature: Hand Signed

Edition: Single original work

Price: POA

Added on: 13-Jun-2018


Description: Mixed techniques on screen printing mesh.

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Frederic Malek-LEK

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About Artist: French artist born in 1971.

Raised in Paris 19th district, during France’s graffiti glory age, known as “Stalingrad”, Lek developed his graphical style in the end of the 80’s, mixing graffiti with influences like Bauhaus, abstraction , futurism and years of studying architecture. With Hof and Osean, he created the LCA crew who brought graffiti’s classic code towards more minimalists compositions. His letters seem glitched, deconstructed. Quickly emancipating himself from the meaning of these letters, Lek chose to focus rather on their strenth lines, their graphic shapes, directions and counterpoints, making them interact with their immediate environment.
Usually working in abandoned industrial areas, the rigid compositions of Lek adapt themselves to the constraints of their natural habitat. His letter fragments act as dynamics lacerating space, revealing or canceling it, opening new perspectives in these chaotic areas. Using precarious meidums, he also created installations, reflecting his pictural dynamics in volume through the space.
Lek is the co-author of Nothing but letters (Wasted Talent édition, 2009) with Yko. Their pictorial experiments have influenced many other artists (such as the use of a pierced spraycans as painting tools).
With Sowat, he is at the origin of the “Mausolée” project, a monumental underground exhibition revealed in 2012 through a book, a video and an exhibition that opened to both artists, the doors of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Recently, Lek was granted a residency at the Villa Medicis in Roma, with Sowat. They are the firts visual artists with a graffiti background to enter the prestigious institution.

David Bloch

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Gallery Name:  David Bloch
Web Address:
Email:   Click here
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Address:  Click here
Country:  MOROCCO
Number of Artists:  16
Artworks for Sale:  53

About Gallery:  Contemporary Fine Art
Opening hours :
Monday :
3:30 pm > 7:30 pm
Tuesday-Saturday :
10:30 am > 1:30 pm
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