Mahmoud Bakhshi

Size: 53.0 X 115.0 CM

Year: 2008

Condition: Excellent

Frame: Unframed

Art Movement:


Signature: Hand Signed

Edition: 15

Price: $ 3,500.00 Buy?

Added on: 10-Jun-2016


Hand Woven Wool Rug

Description: Mahmoud Bakshi's artwork reflects on relationship between the innate nature of the objects and the state propaganda. This work pre... SeeMore

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Mahmoud -Bakhshi

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About Artist: Mahmoud Bakhshi was born in 1977 in Tehran, Iran where he lives and works. In 2001 he graduated with a BA in Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran. In recent years, he has participated in several group shows in Iran and Europe. Bakhshi's installations and sculptural works deal with the aesthetics of post-revolutionary Iran, composed of a distinctive combination of ideological Islam, industrial capitalism and the liberational iconography of the 1979 Revolution. His work represents a struggle between an art that is self-conscious of its independence and the propaganda of the state.
Recently Bakhshi has integrated everyday objects from Iran into his work, objects that have acquired a political character beyond their banal everyday character.

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