Hombre borracho en un bar

Miquel Barceló

Size: 48 X 69 CM

Year: 1963

Condition: Excellent

Frame: Unframed

Art Movement:


Signature: Hand Signed

Edition: 75 Ejemplares

Price: POA

Added on: 01-Feb-2017




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About Artist: Miquel Barceló is a famous Contemporary Spanish artist in constant evolution; both in technique and material whose work includes: paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and cast irons. On one hand he was impacted greatly by Avante-garde, Art Brut, and American Abstract Expressionism while on the other he was particularly interested in the Baroque paintings of Diego Velázquez, Tintoretto and Rembrandt. Barceló clearly had his own experimental attitude and found his personal way of expressionism while never abandoning the rules of conventional painting.

The Spanish abstract artist, Miquel Barceló, was born in Felanitx, Majorca in Spain where he would later study briefly in the Arts and Crafts School of Palma de Majorca (1972-1973) before enrolling at the Fine Arts School of Barcelona in 1974. After a year in Barcelona he would return to Majorca to protest with “Taller Lunátic”, a conceptual vanguardist group, and help to participate in the publication of an artists´ newspaper called “Neon de Suro” (1957-1982). One year after returning to Majorca Miquel Barceló displayed his first solo exposition in the Palma Museum. The art exposition was heavily influenced by art brut, a style that Barceló had discovered in 1970 in Paris before beginning his formal art studies.
In the 80's he traveled extensively throughout Europe, United States and West Africa and would eventually set up studios in both Paris and Segou, Mali. Undoubtedly, the time Miquel Barceló spent in different countries affected his art by way of multifaceted landscapes and various cultural influences. His artwork represents an eternal exploration for new forms of expression in which he experiments with different techniques, materials, textures, light perspectives and colors. A reoccurring theme in Miquel Barceló art is the sea, approached from different angles, a motif that could suggest a strong relationship with the island of Majorca, his homeland.

Galeria La Aurora

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Gallery Name:  Galeria La Aurora
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Country:  Spain
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About Gallery:  La Galería de Arte La Aurora abrió sus puertas el 25 de noviembre de 1994, conviertiéndose desde el principio en referente en ...

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