Blue Spirit

Tao Dong Dong

Size: 100 X 100 CM

Year: 2010

Condition: Excellent

Frame: Never Framed

Art Movement:


Signature: Hand Signed

Edition: 60

Price: $POA

Added on: 05-Nov-2018




Description: Tao Dong Dong’s watery surfaces play with what we see, or think we see, by bringing up that basic argument in Western-style pain... SeeMore

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Tao-Dong Dong

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About Artist: I love water and her flowing life. I love water and her crystal transparence and glistering clarity. Water has always been what I like to express the most. No one can live without water. In fact our whole world’s evolution happens on the calm surface of water. Our souls are colored and cleansed by the water so that our life becomes more bright and shinning. Ever since I was little I have been fond of waterfalls and gully streams. I like to watch people play in the water on the beach and children jump in the water with joy and happiness. I often stare at water waves of my swimming pool in California, the water waves under the sun reflect on faces of different people, reflect the thoughts of the gods, the light, harmony, beauty, and happiness.

My series of The New Water World is intended to break through the subsidiary order between image and colors, the results are the two have been naturally blended together and the instant and eternal have been organically connected. The paintings look smoother, quieter; as if stillness is captured within motion, and motion within stillness. And their compositions are plain, simple but beautiful. They possess striking power and have achieved the desired visual effect.

My 20 years of life in the United States have changed my understanding of the impact of color and image on society. An artist must freely express his view of society and his emotions with his paintings. I will use more modern symbols and expressions my future works so that my thoughts can be presented more clearly.

David Lawrence Gallery

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Country:  CA USA
Number of Artists:  43
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About Gallery:  David Lawrence Gallery, specializing in important prints and drawings since we opened our doors in our former gallery space in Bev...

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