Linda (Monk)


Size: 70 X 90 CM

Year: 2018

Condition: Very good

Frame: Unframed

Art Movement:


Signature: Hand Signed

Edition: 1

Price: POA

Added on: 18-Sep-2018


Mixed media

Description: Spray paint and varnish on plywood.
Signed, dated and titled on verso.

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About Artist:  In his abstract paintings XOOOOX focuses on a technique that was always present in his work but nevertheless less known than his stencil pieces. Similar to an exterior wall, he builds layer upon layer, material upon material on the substrate to make reference to his street art origins. In his role as an abstract painter rather than a graffiti- and street artist, XOOOOX presents a highly individual and new expressive style. Although dwarfed by his unique stencils for a long time, his paintings have throughout been loyal companions on his diverse way of artistic development.
Picasso's work was the inspiration to start experimenting with abstract painting and later showed him the connection between the two different art forms graffiti and abstractionism. Initially determined by a timid adherence to the human outline and inspired by the Cubists, XOOOOX more and more abandoned the hard lines to explore a new mode of expression in the abstract shapes and surfaces on canvas. As once Basquiat, XOOOOX’s paintings also tell the story of the artist’s engagement with dynamic and urban art in order to convert their influences into another media.

Galerie Frank Fluegel

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Gallery Name:  Galerie Frank Fluegel
Web Address:
Email:   Click here
Contact No:  Click here
Address:  Click here
Country:  Germany
Number of Artists:  80
Artworks for Sale:  347

About Gallery:  Galerie Frank Fluegel is focused on Pop Art, Contemporary Art, and photography.

The gallery was founded in 1999. After moving w...

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